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United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
Algeria Algeria
Argentina Argentina
Australia Australia
Austria Austria
Bahrain Bahrain
Belgium Belgium
Belarus Belarus
Brazil Brazil
Canada Canada
Chile Chile
Colombia Colombia
Denmark Denmark
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Ecuador Ecuador
Egypt Egypt
Ireland Ireland
France France
Ghana Ghana
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Guatemala Guatemala
Indonesia Indonesia
India India
Israel Israel
Italy Italy
Japan Japan
Jordan Jordan
Kenya Kenya
Korea Korea
Kuwait Kuwait
Lebanon Lebanon
Latvia Latvia
Oman Oman
Mexico Mexico
Malaysia Malaysia
Nigeria Nigeria
Netherlands Netherlands
Norway Norway
New Zealand New Zealand
Peru Peru
Pakistan Pakistan
Poland Poland
Panama Panama
Portugal Portugal
Qatar Qatar
Philippines Philippines
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
Russia Russia
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia
South Africa South Africa
Singapore Singapore
Spain Spain
Sweden Sweden
Switzerland Switzerland
Thailand Thailand
Turkey Turkey
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Ukraine Ukraine
United States United States
Venezuela Venezuela
Vietnam Vietnam
MegaTrends is a real-time mapping of Twitter #trends across the world. Click any Country or City or type a keyword and click search to get started. Mouseover any Tweet to Reply, Retweet and Save as Favorite.
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MegaTrends - Get latest Twitter #Trends and interact with Tweets from all over the world!
MegaTrends - Get the TopTen Twitter #Trends for any Country! Interact with Tweets from all over the world!

Megatrend provides a list of the Top Ten Twitter #trends, broken down by countries and cities of all over the world.
Anyone can use these lists to create trendy Tweets or to interact with other users interested in some specific topics.

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